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Referral Discount: 1 new client referral = $10 discount. 3 new client referrals = 1 FREE massage service!

Friends Benefits: Anyone associated with a business or organization listed on the FRIENDS page is entitled to Perks & Privileges.

Multi-Dog Package: multiple dogs, back-to-back sessions (same location): all sessions receive a $10 discount (in-home sessions only).

Adoption Discount: Any dog adopted from a legitimate organization or animal shelter will receive a $10 discount (first session, in-home only).


Working Dog Discount: $10 off any massage service. (in-home sessions only). Examples: support dog, guide dog, therapy dog, search & rescue. Please contact us to see if your dog qualifies.

Please note: If multiple discounts apply to a session, the single discount with the greatest value will be applied. ALL discounts apply to in-home sessions only.

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