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Illustration and Visual Storytelling by Marie Beschorner. For more information visit:

More life. More Years. More Love. It All Starts With Nutrition. For more information visit:

For your dog's mind, body and bowl! Synonymous with lifestyle-oriented, premium dog care. For more information:

The must-have for dog parents everywhere: a hands-free accessory that makes walks easy. No more struggling for poop bags. No more searching for pockets. No more missed puppy-petting opportunities because your hands are full.

A wonderfully creative web based show about all the great things going on in DTLA. The program can be seen at

Sniff it. Dig it. Review it. For more information:

Camera Creations LLC is a boutique portrait studio creating memories for people and pets via photography by portrait artist Julie Hopkins.

Friendship has its benefits! Visit the Perks & Privileges page for details.

Do you have a dog-friendly business in the Greater Los Angeles area? Let's support each other with the common goal of helping beloved canine companions be as pampered as possible! Contact Us.


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