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HAL BASTIAN INC. is a Downtown Revitalization Consulting company based in and focusing on Downtown Los Angeles. HAL BASTIAN INC. puts Downtown Los Angeles in the palm of your hand in the following areas:

   – Residential Development
   – Commercial Development
   – Office
   – Retail
   – Hospitality (restaurants, bars, nightclubs and hotels)

Services include:

   – Strategic Planning
   – Market Intelligence
   – Introductions & Referrals
   – Underwriting, Group and Private tours
   – Marketing Strategies
   – Government advice
   – Tenant Recruitment
   – Special Event Venue Recommendations
   – Best Practices for other Downtown areas
   – Custom Video Production

Dancing Dog Massage strives to be the go-to canine massage therapist for dogs living in DTLA. Happy dogs for a better DTLA!

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